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  1. Climate
  2. Environmental Features
  3. Ecology
  4. Wildlife Management


The weather in Dallas is moderate, with very warm summers and cool but comfortable winters. Dallas experiences four distinct seasons. Temperatures reach their zenith during July and August when they can reach 100°F (38°C).

Winter in Dallas is usually mild, when daytime temperatures can get up to 66°F (19°C), but temperatures can dip below freezing at times.

Dallas receives most of its visitors in the spring when the weather is generally mild and pleasant.

  • Average rainfall is 34.7 inches per year.
  • Average snowfall is 2.6 inches per year.
  • Annual number of sunny/partly sunny days is 232.

Committed to a Sustainable Future
As a national leader in sustainability, the City of Dallas has been at the forefront of protecting and improving the environment:

  • The first U.S. city to adopt the International Green Construction Code as mandatory for all new commercial construction (2012), and one of the first major U.S. cities to pass a comprehensive green building standard for both residential and commercial construction (2009)
  • The first U.S. city to implement the ISO 14001 certified environmental management system (2008)
  • 100 percent of grid-based electricity used by city facilities comes from wind power
  • Nearly 40 percent of city vehicles are alternative-fueled or hybrids
  • Methane gas captured in wastewater treatment produces renewable energy to offset a percentage of Dallas Water Utilities' electricity grid needs
  • Residential recycling reached 80 percent participation in 2016, increasing waste diversion to over 56,000 tons
  • The Dallas Innovation Alliance is implementing Phase One of its Smart Cities Initiative in the West End, testing new technologies that improve infrastructure, mobility and connected living to create a more sustainable and efficient city, working with partners that include the City of Dallas, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, AT&T, and the Dallas Entrepreneur Center

Prairie Near the Audubon Center

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Buckeye Trail, Great Trinity Forest

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